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Somalia Statement on the UNIVERSAL CHILDREN’S DAY, 2017

the Federal Government of Somalia joins the rest of the world in commemorating the Universal Children’s Day. We recall that on 20th November, 1989 the

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Baby on Board: Women gives birth on Jubba Airways flight

Jubba Airlines flight on Saturday witnessed the unscheduled arrival of an extra passenger after a mother gave birth mid-air. Ibtisam was 30 weeks pregnant when

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City officials look to open new Somali mall
- Oct 30, 2017
A dispute between city officials and owners of local Somali malls has pushed some to work for solutions on their own. City officials have clashed with Sabri Properties over alleged tenant ...
Most of NFL’s Houston Texans kneel during anthem after owner’s ‘inmates’ remark
- Oct 30, 2017
Most of the National Football League’s Houston Texans team knelt in protest as the national anthem was played for Sunday’s game in Seattle, an apparent rebuke of team owner Bob ...
David Letterman visits St. Paul to interview Somali immigrants for Netflix show
- Oct 30, 2017
Customers dining on chapati wraps and Somali steak sandwiches got a surprise Friday afternoon when the former “Late Night” host David Letterman walked into Afro Deli and Grill with Sen. ...
Bahrain foreign minister calls for freezing Qatar out of GCC
- Oct 30, 2017
Bahrain will not attend the upcoming GCC summit if Qatar does not change its stand, and the right step to preserve the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is to freeze Qatar’s ...
The Business of Fear in Boomtown Mogadishu
- Oct 30, 2017
The first courses had just been served when the war came to the country club in Mogadishu. Fifty guests, including businesspeople and government officials, were sitting at long tables laden ...
Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga wants new vote
- Oct 30, 2017
Warning that Kenya is in “grave danger,” opposition leader Raila Odinga said in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday that the country’s repeat presidential election was a sham ...
Pastoralism and its future
- Oct 30, 2017
In dryland areas across the world, tens of millions of people raise domesticated animals on open rangeland. Extreme variations in weather mean such pastoralists have to be highly adaptive and ...
QRC provides medical help to Mogadishu bombing victims Share Tweet Email Share
- Oct 30, 2017
The Qatar Red Crescent (QRC)  has provided support to the victims of the Mogadishu bombings, which took place about two weeks ago, and they are currently being treated in hospitals ...

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